Here at Build Unique Homes, we build more than just homes. Rather, we build dreams.


Build Unique Homes is owned by a Top Producing Realtor, Nadia Hussaini; with over a decade of experience in real estate and financial industries, she also works in the Greater Toronto Area. Nadia has a background in construction and house renovations because she grew up in a family that operates in such kind of business. Her father owns a construction business, namely Sina Rah construction LTD and White Castle Construction Company. Nadia works as Mortgage Agent in CIBC, Canada’s most esteemed bank. She then became a Real Estate agent, and through her excellent service as a realtor, she was recognized and had earned a lot of multiple awards since 2009. 


Having multiple successes in her chosen field of work, Nadia combined her experience and knowledge with her father’s guidance. She was eager to continue in this kind of business industry. Nadia, alongside her brother, showed interest, and they started their own company under the name of Build Unique Construction Corporation. They decided to explore more profoundly as they manage their business. 


Nadia always exerts a great amount of effort into everything she does, and this includes the transactions she makes with her clients. She knows how to prioritize the needs and demands of her clients. Offering a great deal, she is making sure that the client will be satisfied and will get the best price for their desired houses with inclusions of all the necessary conditions.


With Build Unique Homesthe customer can expect the best services from the beginning until the end of the purchasing process because not only we build homes, but we also build dreams.